Trinity Task: Section 2

Hi friend,

Today im say as you have to go to the beachfrom The Mackay School.

Salts in to the street Vicuña Mackenna, then turn left and follow to the street named, you will those crosses a bridge and keep straight until the Mc Donalds, then two word to sea direction you get to the Reñaca Beach.


Trinity task: Section 2

Hi friends,

They told me that next week playing a game of rugby, I like rugby because it is a sport that helps to friendship, and is very tiring. On the rugby field are fifteen players to position you choose, you like more or that more fits you acording to yours skills. Acording to my skills i olay in 9, 11,12.

good bye

How to write a letter

Dear friend,

Today i will tell you what I do here in my country and in my house, my name is Joaquin Cristobal Yañez Heyser , I live in Viña del mar and the place is Jardin del mar.

Now I’m going to talk about my hobbies, a hobby that I like is football because it’s what I’m good at played by the school and other team. The Chilean team that I like is the Universidad de Chile.

My school is The Mackay School this school is one of the most oldest school in Chile, the subject that I like is English and sports, I like it because English is a new language to be learned and understood worldwide and this helps us in the field of labor and social.


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Portfolio task

Dear Friend,

Today i say to you the directions to go to the beach, you start in Mc Donalds. But you need things to go, One of the things to go is a swimming suit, sun protector a umbrella to the sun. When you starts go two blocks to right then left and go to sea direction, you will see Av Borgoño, then in Av Borgoño go to right 3 blocks and you arrive to the famous 5 sector Reñaca

Good Bye


Portafolio task

Section 1 task

Dear friends,

I knew that tomorrow will be your first day of school, I will tell the school as The Mackay School , the school is very big it have 2 field of rugby, 1 gym, 1 kiosk,1 dining-hall, and other things.

Also one if the things that i like the school is friendship wich show to very small

Good Bye

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