Why is football such a profitable enterprise in the world?

Everybody knows who Alexis Sanchez is but they do not know who he was before. Most of football players before playing in a professional team are poor kids, An example of this Alexis, he was once a poor kid who worked hard to play in a good football team, where he now is. Football moves a lot of money around the world because a lot of people go to stadiums, they also buy shirts and other products. Many of these poor kids don’t have more opportunities to produce money to live in other ways. Is it fair?

Acording to Lue, Merchant and Nash (N.D), in their article “The Money” state that although you do not want to accept it there is, always movement of money in sports, one of the sports in which that more money moves is the football.There is a lot money in football and of also moves a lot of money because the owners of the populars teams like Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain.

According to Finch (N.D)  in her article “What is the average amount of money a professional soccer player makes per year”, Football players earn a lot of money are of the league in the world where more money is won is the american league, called MLS. The other reason why football moves so much money is because there are many sponsors who pay good money to have their brand or company on the shirt of a famous team. Another way to put the sponsor in football is in the name of stadiums, for example “Etihad Stadium”of Manchester City, “Emirates Stadiums” of Arsenal. In conclusion the sponsor bring a lot of money to football.

According to Daly in the document “The biggest to wasted”, As can be analysed in this page, it talk about the top 10 most expensive transfers until 2001, teams like, Manchester City, Manchester United, are involved in these expensive transfers. The form which is being who more often is to buy a young promising players and then sell at a higher price. Teams that use this mode most often are the longest and most powerful equipment to buy young players from the lowers and smalls team, and finally the one that gives money is buying items and services whiting stadiums as food, shirt, flags and others.

To sum up, football moves a lot of money around the world because a lot of fans go to stadiums, spend a lot of money in difference items inside the stadiums, many of people don’t have the oportunities to play on a big team, causes that the football in around the world move a lot of money, sponsor bring many of money, and finally the persons who buy things inside the stadiums.


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Lue, Merchant and Nash (N.D), “The Money” Retrieved on 12 November from (https://sites.duke.edu/wcwp/research-projects/mediamarketsfootball-in-contemporary-europe/the-money/)

by Joaquin Yañez Heyser



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