Does money buy happiness or something else?

Does money buy happiness or is something else?

Name: Joaquin Yañez

Date: 25/9/2015

First I think that the money is not all, the money not can buy the happiness, but in something case that’s persons you can buy his sentiment. The most of persons have false perceptions of what is the important of the money and the happiness; now talk to you why I say this.

Some person that his have many money and he is rich have some many sentiments problems and are not happy, that for example the Hollywood actors, many of his dead because frustrate in his life. You can see that his person has an extern face that he can see rich and popular but in the personal sentiment are bad.

Whit gift you cant be completely happy because in the gift you don’t put your sentiment, some time you gift in birthday and other moment but the most of moments you don’t put the sentiments in him. Whit the money you can only buy gifts and not the person sentiment.

You cant buy beautiful moments, if you have a good grade and you are happy you don’t need to buy this, it I play a rugby game and I win that’s free I don’t need pay. In some peoples the healthy and love in family or friends are more important that buy something.

In conclusion I think that are not all, you don’t buy the happiness, you cant complete the sentiment and don’t pay to have a beautiful moments in the life, the most of people that he are rich are not happiness because the money are not all.



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