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Writing a letter

Dear family,

Iam going to tell you about one night in Everest.

This day i was so scared, because in the Everest there was storm of snow, my tent got broken and destroyed was got full of water, my bedroom are more warm than the tent.

Best o wishes, Joaquin Yañez



Task 3

To: Pedro Cabezas Cabello

From: Joaquin Yañez

Subject: My school

Dear, pedro

Is true that you come to The Mackay School?, i present all The students and all The School, The School id The best in The city and one of The best in The country, The most imprtant things in The School si The rugby and The inglish.





Trinity Task: Section 2

Hi friend,

Today im say as you have to go to the beachfrom The Mackay School.

Salts in to the street Vicuña Mackenna, then turn left and follow to the street named, you will those crosses a bridge and keep straight until the Mc Donalds, then two word to sea direction you get to the Reñaca Beach.

Trinity task: Section 2

Hi friends,

They told me that next week playing a game of rugby, I like rugby because it is a sport that helps to friendship, and is very tiring. On the rugby field are fifteen players to position you choose, you like more or that more fits you acording to yours skills. Acording to my skills i olay in 9, 11,12.

good bye