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Portfolio task

Dear Friend,

Today i say to you the directions to go to the beach, you start in Mc Donalds. But you need things to go, One of the things to go is a swimming suit, sun protector a umbrella to the sun. When you starts go two blocks to right then left and go to sea direction, you will see Av Borgoño, then in Av Borgoño go to right 3 blocks and you arrive to the famous 5 sector Reñaca

Good Bye



Portafolio task

Section 1 task

Dear friends,

I knew that tomorrow will be your first day of school, I will tell the school as The Mackay School , the school is very big it have 2 field of rugby, 1 gym, 1 kiosk,1 dining-hall, and other things.

Also one if the things that i like the school is friendship wich show to very small

Good Bye

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